Monday, 24 November 2008

Three sections for the project

I have decided that I will need six people to participate in this project apart from the audience and me. Four of them will perform with laptops and Wiis and the other two will be performing traditional instrument probably on base and sax. I have found two of them so far that are willing to collaborate with me.

Project construction

I have mentioned earlier that I had to broke down my programming to three sections. Thanks to Jonathan Green that already made a few patches in Max/MSP for colour tracking (similar my section one programming) I have decided that it was better to work on the second section to see how I was doing. In this second section I have done more or less half of the work that I need to do. I have connected the Wii with Max and route different buttons to the sequencer. Using the Rewire in Max I have connected it with Ableton live which I will have all the audio effects for real-time processing. Have a look at the video.

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