Saturday, 11 July 2009

The MA performance concert on the 2nd September

For my MA Digital Arts in Performance degree I have to produce a 45 minutes concert. This is not a part of MA program but my suggestion that I have made to Greg since the program is very flexible in terms of creative outcome. This is the beginning of a journey toward the realisation of this concert from the practical and conceptual point of view.

In addition to the concert I will produce an interactive installation that will be placed at the Vaad Galery, which is next to the theatre and then at Margaret Street on Friday.

The concert will be at the Custard Factory in Birmingham on the 2nd of September at 18:30. There will be one big rehearsal on the 1st from 16:00 until 22:00. The theatre is small (100 seat) with a small stage and a surround system. There is also a fitted projector screen 3x4 that I can use. I will come back to this later on since I have to figure out the equipment that I will need in order to book it from the conservatoire.

The concept of the concert will be the Journey of Odysseus. I will come to this all as soon as I decide which episodes I am presenting. Also I am waiting for the final draft of the poster to put it on

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