Monday, 8 December 2008

Crucial point (part 2)

This crucial point in my project is a nightmare. The problems of the project become more obvious at this point since all my ideas I had before are now taking shape and form.
The most important thing I have to do is to realise that my compositional outcome is not about technology but an artistic approach through technology. After the meetings with Greg and Lamberto, I have realised that what I've done so far had to do with technology not with art. Because of this situation I have to come up with something new, using the already configured technology. Actually I have to reproach my whole concept for this composition since I had dumped my earlier ideas with the audience participation and colour tracking. I have some troubles with the people that I am supposed to participate with. Is a bit hard for me because I have no idea if they will actually come to the rehearsals or even to the performance. My first degree was not here in Birmingham Conservatoire so I had to ask people to perform that I don’t know if I can trust them. I guess this is part of the collaboration project so I have to prepare for the worst and have a few back up plans just in case.
The performance is on the 6th of January 2009, and the conservatoire and the art department are closed. So I have to plan this really good in terms of equipment since I have to take out everything before the 19th of December (Friday). Also to make a poster in advance so people can came to the performance.

New compositional concept

My new concept approach has to do with how people see themselves as an individual, in relation with other, in relation with a group of people, and in relation with other groups. I am exploring this approach through sounds and physical gestures. The sound files are words that can express gestures. I am using words like, Me, You, They, Them, Is, Are in addition to that I am using two different languages, Greek and English. The performers will trigger the sound files, randomly, and then he or she will do the appropriate gesture. For example the Me sound, he/she will be showing themselves, for the You sound the performer will make a gesture showing the other performers or the audience and so on. Another level of this concept lays with in the actual setup of the performers. There is a base player who is free to do whatever he want, play or not play, fast slow, rhythmic and so on. This is an attempt to show individuality within a group. There is a saxophone player that is linked with one laptop player that holds the Wii. The sax-Wii performer is able to manipulate the sounds coming from the sax in real time. So 'They' may form another group. The other three-laptop performers will perform holding the Wii and making gestures, they are allready a group. From the audience point of view we are a big group with the conductor the leader of the group.

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