Thursday, 9 October 2008

Notes for my collaborative project for the MA Digital Arts in Performance 08-10-2008

First session with Greg at VRU

By introducing some questions will help me to understand and realize better the creativity that I am looking for.

1. What is the role of the audience in a performance?
2. How can audience influence/interact with the performers and therefore the composition? By performers I include computers as well.
3. Is this influence conscious or unconscious to the audience and the performers?
4. How much of influence should be allowed to the audience?
This idea is similar to the composer-performer connection. See any serial music and Philip Glass Contrary Motion or Cage.
5. Compare the differences of the same performance system in two different places. Different people- different outcome.
6. How space can influence the writing of a composition? Find out about compositions that were specially made for specific places like the church.
7. In what way should engage the audience in a composition? (conscious or unconscious)
8. Will the audience then become the performer and if so, where is the audience?
9. Above all this, is this going to be an electroacoustic music composition, or an art installation performance?
10. Why people should care about all this?

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Исследованик said...

Tychonas' Collaborative Project

Begining with the ide that three elements, music/dance/video, can be set up to work with one another/ affect one another/ contribute to one another.

Thematically linked to growth? Time lapse film, effect of people could be conscious/unconscious/both?

Cycle? Bidirectional?

Watched the Network Mashup. System rather than artistic statement.

Leaving aside the three elements as assumed (you can do these fairly easily in terms of content), the really interesting thing is setting up the level of engagability. How does everyone influence everything else? Discussion about globalisation, climate change, chaos theory, organisational structures, progress, how do things move forward? How are things affected to change?

Some opportunities to create resources or content: what are people doing? Can that be used? How do they become the work? Create cause and effect relationship, perhaps change it? How do people understand their relatipnship between their presence and what is going on? Strong energy/growing theme to be pursued? Strong theme should help editing/ decisionmaking about what and why some things are important to the project and some are not.

Technology and engagement, mobile phones as a mechanism? PDAs? Other technologies that collect passive information. Passive/ active contributions? Blend of what can happen in the shared space.

Social space/ performance space contrasts? Possibility of doing the same work in dfferent spaces, finding behavioural contrasts. Orchestral rehearsal situation?

questions about why and where come to mind, and how to get people to engage with it.

I suggest reading Steve Dixon's Digital Performance for a large number of examples of interactive performances. They are not all as good as he claims, but could spur further thoughts.