Friday, 24 October 2008

Hello Digital 24-10-2008

I have been to the Hello Digital conference yesterday, which was quite interesting to see. One of the things that I realize, during the drumming gorilla presentation from the Glass and a Half Full Production by Cadbury, was that alongside with the digital evolution there is a high demand of interactivity and participation from the audience. One of the factors that the gorilla ad was and still is such a success the amount of accessibility from the audience to that particular advertisement. The ad was accessible to the public to download, and interact, the same time as it was aired on TV. After that there was a chain reaction in Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr.

Coming back to my project I was thinking that if the audience, which is a large part of my project, is seated then I don’t give them the accessibility and possibility to interact (physically) with the sound. If seated they are limited to seat there until the end, so limited movement limited interaction. They will fill like being in an ordinary performance. The good thing is that the conservatory recital hall is able to move all the seats at the back a have a big space available. Also if there is going to be a performance in the gallery it will be very similar because the audience have to move.

Conclusion: No seats in this project

I am asking myself two things.

1. Is there going to be a performance stage and if so how and where is going to be?
2. I mention before the physical interaction of the audience, how about the digital interaction?

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