Monday, 8 November 2010

New website, new blog

Finally after a years thinking I've made it. I will no logger post here.

This is my new website 

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Double bass and toy music

Curcuit Bending_Telephone toy

I have done a bit of circuit bend in this amazing phone toy from Jumbo BEBE store. I have used two light dependent resistors (LDR) with different values to control the curcuit flow. This was done as a part of a piece that me and Sebastiano Dessanay are working on called- Double bass and toy music.

Wirelles switch box

I have also built a wireless switch box using the Arduino Bluetooth board. The box will also be used to control a simple MAX/MSP patch that will record,playback and transform the sounds form the toys and the double bass.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sirenes (2009)

This was the fourth and final piece from the concert.


Και πρώτα ταξιδεύοντας θα φτάσης στις Σειρήνες,
που όλους μαγεύουν τους θνητούς που λάχουνε κοντά τους·
όποιος σιμώση απ' αγνωσιά κι ακούση τη φωνή τους,
από γυναίκα και παιδιά χαρά να μην προσμένη
μήτε πατρίδα πως θα δη, τι με γλυκά τραγούδια
αυτές τόνε μαγεύουνε μες απ' τη λιβαδιά τους.

Tom Martin Soprano Sax
Spyros Aristeidou Electirc Guitar
Michael Valentine West Wiiremote 1
Tychonas Michailidis Wiiremote 2

Skylla & Harivdi (2009)

This was the third piece of the concert. Skylla and Harivdi page 143


Κει μέσα η Σκύλλα κατοικεί και φοβερά γαυγίζει·
έχει φωνούλα σκυλακιού νιογέννητου, κι ως τόσο
είναι κακότροπο θεριό, κι ούτε θνητός κανένας,
κι ούτε θεός θα χαίρονταν θωρώντας το αντικρύ
του.Έχει και πόδια δ
ώδεκα, που ξέκρεμα είναι όλα......


Τόν άλλο χαμηλότερο, Οδυσσέα, θα δης το βράχο·
κοντά 'ναι οι δυό τους, θά 'φτανε η σαγίτα σου να ρίξης.
Μεγάλος είναι ορνιός εκεί, μυριόφυλλος, και κάτου
η θεία η Χάρυβδη ρουφάει το μελανό το κύμα.

Τη μέρα τρεις φορές ξερνάει, και τρεις φορές ρουφάει·

να μη σου τύχη και βρεθής την ώρα που ρουφήξη,

τι δε θα σε ξεγλύτωνε μηδέ του κόσμου ο σείστης.

Chris Smith Trumpet

Spyros Aristeidou Guitar

Sebastiano Dessanay Double Bass

Monday, 28 September 2009


Cyclopes (2009)
Improvisation for Double Bass and live electronics

This is the second piece from the concert. Few mouths ago we try an experimental improvisation approach between Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass and me on live electronics. After that we realize that the outcome was good material and we decided to develop it further. Here is an extension of this collaboration with Sebastiano were the bass is taking the form of the Cyclops.

I am recording live, improvised fragments from the bass and then I am feeding the sounds back to the audience through a surround system. The recorded fragments are layered (up to three for now) and automatically looped and processed live through the Wii remote accelerometer that I am holding in my right hand. The surround distribution is controlled through a custom made sensor glove the I am wearing in my left hand.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Performance at Custard Factory

The following videos are the pieces from my concert that took place at Custard Factory theatre in Birmingham on the 2nd of September 2009. The concert was a part of my final dissertation for the MA course Digital Arts in Performance.

The first piece of the concert was Paddling which resembles the Oddyseas 10 year journey in the sea for his way home after the Trojan war few thousands year ago.

This is the program from the concert.

Paddling (2009)
Tychonas Michailidis